Basic types

Because Elm and Elixir share a lot of common basic types, there is no need to redefine all of them for Elchemy. For simplicity and interoperability some of the standard types translate directly to each other.

Here is a table of all standard types used in the Elchemy environment and their Elixir equivalents:

Elchemy Elixir
a any()
comparable term()
Int integer()
Float number()
number number()
Bool boolean()
Char integer()
String String.t()
List x list()
(1, 2) {1, 2}
Maybe Int {integer()} | nil
Just x {x}
Nothing nil
Result x y {:ok, y} | {:error, x}
Ok x {:ok, x}
Err x {:error, x}
{x = 1, y = 1} %{x: 1, y: 1}
Dict String Int %{key(String.t()) => integer())}

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