Module definition and imports

To define a module in Elchemy you need to use a

module ModuleName exposing (..)

Which would directly translate to defmodule block where functions/types mentioned in the exposing clause will automatically use def or defp


There are two types of imports in Elchemy.

Without exposing

One is a import without exposed functions like

import SomeModule

Which would directly translate to

alias SomeModule

Because it doesn't import any of the exposed contents, only makes sure that the module is in our namespace.

With exposing

import SomeModule exposing (funA, TypeA, funB)

Which outputs

import SomeModule, only: [{:fun_a, 0}, {:fun_b, 0}]

Which would put SomeModule into our namespace and also allow us to use fun_a and fun_b without explicitly adding a module name before them.

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