In Elchemy there is several types of comments.

Inline comments

-- My comment

Which are always ignored by the compiler and won't be included in the compiled output file

Block comment

Second type of a comment is a block comment

{- block comment -}

Which are included in the output file, but can only be used as a top level construct

Doc comments

Another one and probably most important is a doc-comment.

{-| Doc comment -}

Doc-comments follow these rules:

  1. First doc comment in a file always compiles to a @moduledoc
  2. Doc comments before types compile to @typedoc
  3. Doc comments before functions compile to @doc
  4. A doc comment with 4 space indentation and containing a == comparison in it will be compiled to a one line doctest

Doctest example:

{-| My function adds two values

       myFunction 1 2 == 3

Would end up being

@doc """
     My function adds two values

        iex> my_function().(1).(2)

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